THOMAS, 2 years 4 months

in Foster Care for 10 Days

Synopsis of film

THOMAS, is a well developed manly little boy with a friendly competent manner who talks well.  He has a realistic understanding of the situation; throughout the separation he conducts himself competently, using the foster relationships adequately.  He retains a clear memory of his mother and talks freely about her; but sometimes he finds it painful to look at her photograph.

His need of mothering, and his growing attachment to the foster mother, conflict with his own loyalty to his own mother.  Affectionate gestures sometimes change to aggression, highlighting the mixed feelings he is coping with.  The father's daily visits are very important for Thomas.  He anticipates them with longing, experiences them with intense feelings of pleasure and sadness, and is tearful for a few minutes afterwards.

When the mother arrives to take him home, Thomas looks at her uneasily for about 30 seconds before going to her with gentle affectionate gestures.  His full attention moves from the foster mother to his parents and he leaves with every sign of urgency to get home.

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