James Robertson  1911-1988

Born and brought up in Rutherglen, Scotland, he was a Psychiatric Social Worker and Psychoanalyst based at the Tavistock Clinic and Institute, London from 1948 until 1976. 

'(He) was a remarkable person who achieved great things. His sensitive observations and brilliant filming made history, and the courage with which he disseminated - often in the face of ignorant and prejudiced criticism - what were then very unpopular findings, was legendary.  He will always be remembered as the man who revolutionised children's hospitals, though he accomplished much else besides.  I am personally deeply grateful for all that he did.' John Bowlby.

Joyce Robertson  1919- 2013 

Honorary Member of the Association of Child  Psychotherapists, was a student at the Anna Freud Wartime Nurseries, and worked at the Anna Freud centre from1956 until 1963 when she joined her husband to work at the Tavistock Institute, on their joint project 'Young Children in Brief Separation'



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