Going To Hospital With Mother 

 Classic film by James Robertson, contrasting with
'A Two Year Old goes to Hospital'. 

Designed and filmed by James Robertson. 1958.

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Sally, aged 17 months, is in hospital for five days to have a minor operation; mother stays with her to prevent the distress of separation and to help in her care. Secure in the presence of her mother, Sally survives investigation and hurt without becoming depressed and withdrawn as unaccompanied young patients often do, and at the end of their stay is as lively and cheerful as at the beginning.
The arrangement is shown to be practical, and of benefit not only to the young patient and her mother but also to the medical and nursing staff whose experience is enriched by dealing with child and mother together.
(See also the complementary film
'A Two Year Old goes to Hospital'

The admission of mothers to hospital together with children under five years prevents the distress and hazards of separation.

'The mother is able to anticipate her child's needs and quietly remain a reassuring person, even when she is worried.  The result is not devoid of beauty because it rings true.' D.W.Winnicott

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