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Bowlby-Ainsworth Award

The Bowlby-Ainsworth Award recognizes singular contributions to the Bowlby-Ainsworth tradition of attachment theory and research. Selections are made by the Awards Committee of the Center For Mental Health Promotion and The New York Attachment Consortium, in consultation with distinguished international colleagues. The Award is represented by a crystal sculpture engraved with the portraits of John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth, the recipient's name and a brief award statement. This year's awards recognize several senior scholars who helped establish the Bowlby Ainsworth tradition and have exemplified the standards of scholarship, collegiality, and service that John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth shared, taught, and valued.

James and Joyce Robertson

For Documenting And Improving

The Lives Of Young Children

In Difficult Circumstances

Every good theory begins with and preserves key descriptive insights. One of the pivotal steps towards modern Attachment Theory was recognizing the complexity of social and emotional life in infancy and early childhood. Patient, understanding, and genuinely caring about young children in difficult circumstances, James and Joyce Robertson entered their lives and captured on film the key phenomena of attachment and loss at the most vulnerable stages of life. Their documentary studies, persuasive beyond words, removed obstacles to a new perspective and improved children's lives. They remain a powerful expression of the content and importance of Attachment Theory.

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Sir Richard Bowlby  and Juliet Hopkins 


The Bowlby-Ainsworth Award 

to Joyce Robertson. 

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Katherine McGilly and Jean Clelland

(daughters of James and Joyce Robertson)

 were also present.